Electronics and Communication Engineering Labs



This lab has been designed to make students acquainted with the designing of digital systems, and programmable aspects of microprocessors and microcontrollers.
This lab is furnished with Universal Gates Demorgan’s Theorem kit, Logic Gates & Digital Trainer Logic Kit , Digital IC Tester, Adders & Subtractors , Analog IC Tester, Digital Trainer Kit for Study of Flip-Flop , 4 Bit BCD Counter , 4 Bit Ripple Counter (N-counter ), 4 bit Up-Down Counter, 4 Bit Programmable Counter=1, 4 Bit Shift Register, Multiplexer, 8085 Trainer Kits, 8031/8051 Microcontroller Kit, ANSI C Compiler For All 8051 Family, Digital Signal Processor Trainer (Pl Dsp50-TMS320C5xx), USB Experimental Board , Bread Board Strips, ADC -0809 Interface Module for 8085 Microprocessor Kit, 8031/8051 Microcontroller Kit with LCD Display, Dual DAC Interface Module for Microprocessor 8085 Kit , Labview/Easy Lab Based Data Acquisition Modules, Stepper Motor Controller Interface Module , Microprocessor 8085 Kit, USB Interfaced Ultra High Speed Universal device programmer, Traffic Light Controller Card for 8085 microprocessor kit, Digital Logic Probes, Temperature Measurement card for 8085 Microprocessor Kit, DC Motor controller card for 8085 Microprocessor Kit, Bread Board (Digital Lab), Analog To Digital Converter, Digital To Analog Converter, Electronic work station model-3030 (Analog & Digital), Micro Controller Kit Advanced, Advance 8051 Trainer System, Keypad Interface 7 segment & LED display interface, Elevator Interface, Musical Tone Generator, Logic control interface, Relay Buzzer 8085 interface, CRO, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter.


The goal of this lab is to give the students a practical experience in working with semiconductor devices and explore the design and operation of essential circuits that employ these devices.
This lab aims at to provide Transistor Characteristics Apparatus, P-N Junction Diode Characteristics Apparatus, Energy Band Gap Apparatus for PN Junction Diode, Diode as Rectifier, Clipping Circuits, Clamping Circuits, FET Characteristics Apparatus, MOSFET Characteristic Apparatus, Push Pull Amplifier Kit, Audio Power Meter, BJT Amplifier and Emitter Follower Trainer, Two Stage RC Coupled Amplifier, Zener Diode Characteristics Trainer, Operational Amplifier Circuit Experimental Board( Mother Board & OP - Amp Daughter Board) , DC Multipoint power supply, CRO, Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter


This lab provides students an opportunity to have a detailed practical study on microwave equipment’s, optical devices and their application. Microwave Lab is equipped with following equipments: Klystron Based Microwave Test Bench, Gun Diode Based Microwave Bench, Elementary Fiber Optic Trainer Signal Channel Kit, Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer Kit, Laser Optics Trainer Kit, Basic Digital Link based Kit, Optical Power Meter, Basic Analog Link based Kit, Voice Transmitter/Receiver Trainer using Fiber Optic Cable, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO), Function Generator, Digital Multimeter and Analog Multimeter.


This lab is intended to make students conversant with the techniques and instrumentation employed for measuring the performance and properties of digital communication systems and to provide practical experience with the components and sub-systems utilized in a digital communication system. Communication lab is equipped with PAM Modulator & Demodulator Kits Me-743, Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation Trainer Kit, Pulse Width Modulation & Demodulation Me 744, Frequency Modulation & Demodulation Trainer, Pulse Position Modulation & Demodulation ME 745, Balanced Modulator/DSB-SC Trainer, Study Of Adaptive Delta Modulation & Demodulation, DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer, Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction, DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer, Frequency Division Multiplexer & Demultiplexer, Phase Modulation & Demodulation, TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer, TDM Pulse Code Modulation Reciever Trainer, Data Formatting & Carrier Modulation Transmitter, Carrier Demodulation and Data Reformatting Receiver Trainer, TDM Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer Kit, ASK Modulation/Demodulation Kit, PSK Modulation/Demodulation Kit, FSK Modulation/ Demodulation Kit, QPSK Modulation/Demodulation Kit, DPSK Modulation/Demodulation Kit, Motorised Antenna Trainer, Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer Coder/Decoder Trainer Kit.


This lab is furnished with latest equipments related to design and implementation of wireless systems. GSM Trainer with Interface & Software, GPS Trainer, Mobile Phone Trainer, Microstrip Antenna Trainer.


The purpose of this lab is to provide knowledge on power electronics & circuit theory and their applications in power and circuit engineering. Wein Bridge Oscillator kit, Phase Shift Oscillator, Thermistor/AD 590 Kit, Colpit Oscillator, Experiment Kit, Superposition Theorem Kit , Study of Hartley oscillator, SCR Single phase full wave fully controlled bridge rectifier trainer, Norton’s theorem kit , Thevenin theorem kit , Maximum Power Transfer Theorem kit , Reciprocity theorem kit , Millman’s theorem kit , Kirchoff’s voltage law (KVL) trainer Kit, Kirchoff’s current law (KCL) trainer kit, SCR phase control trainer, SCR based motor speed control trainer SCR triggering circuit trainer, Diac characteristics trainer, Diac and Triac based fan regulator trainer Kit, Diac and Triac based lamp control trainer Kit, SCR based JONE’S Chopper, Thyristor Circuit Breaker With Current Limiting Trainer Kit, Triac Phase Control Trainer, DC Motor Speed Control Trainer Kit, Single Phase Dual Converter Trainer Kit, UJT Trainer Kit, SCR V-I Characteristic Trainer Kit, Triac Characteristic Trainer Kit, Variable Variac Auto Transformers Single Phase 2 amp, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter


This lab provides an introduction to modern measurement techniques, data acquisition and use of different measuring instruments as it contains equipment’s like Photo Cell Characteristics Apparatus, Strain Gauge Trainer, Electro Magnetic PICK- UP Based Speed Measurement Trainer, Temperature Transducer Trainer, Study of Piezo Electric Transducer, Study of Hall Effect Sensor, LVDT Trainer, Optical Transducer Trainer, Lod Cell Trainer, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with CPU/EEPROM/24 I/O Lines ,Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter, Soldering de-soldering pump.


This lab renders the services of software and hardware tools required for design and implementation of digital circuits, signal processing and image processing algorithms. This lab contains equipments like HP Desktop Computers with 17 inch TFT, CPLD Development Platform, Double conversion online UPS, VLSI development platform, DSP trainer kit (TMS 320-5X series), TMS 320 LF 2407, CCS based on DSP 5X series, MATLAB 7.4 Software & Tools, MULTISIM 10.0 Software, OPTISIM V5.1 Software, ORCAD Software with hardware key lock etc.


Electronics workshop is equipped with PCB Art Work Film Maker, PCB Curing Machine (OVEN), Photo Resist Dip Coating Machine, Photo ETCH Etching Machine, Double Sided UV Exposure Unit, PCB Drilling Machine, PCB Shearing Machine, Roller Tinning Machine, Electronic Work Station, Digital Antistatic Soldering Station, Soldering Station Maintenance Centre, Digital Antistatic Soldering Station, Antistatic Soldering Station With Temperature Control, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Function Generator, Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter


The lab is equipped with hardware and software tools used for design and simulation. For this purpose FPGA and CPLD kits (Spartan 3 and Virtex 5) TMS 320 LF 2407, CCS based on DSP 5X series, Mat Lab 7.4 Software & Tools, Multisim 10.0 Software Optisim V5.1 Software, Orcad , Tanner tool, Silvaco, Model-Sim, and Xilinx ISE, Xilinx Embedded Development Kit Tanner tool, Silvaco, Model-Sim, and Xilinx ISE, Xilinx Embedded Development Kits are available.

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